Woolfworks Singapore Co-working Space for Women

Woolf Works is a shared workspace for women where their members are freelancers, business owners, writers, remote corporate workers, flexi-workers, consultants and business pre-launchers.

They are the first women-only coworking space in all of South and South East Asia and they have grown a strong and vibrant community of women, with a retention rate well above industry standard.

Woolf Works was named after Virginia Woolf, whose book A Room of One’s Own was published in 1929. They love that, even eighty-five years ago, Woolf knew that women needed a separate space in order to ‘produce art’.

They know working from home can be lonely, full of distractions and really uninspiring.

Coworking is a perfect match for women trying to balance a growing business with a growing family.

Their space is calm, quiet and conducive to really focused work.

They have a community of like-minded women who are great for a chat over the coffee machine, for feedback on the colour of a logo – or to loan you a phone charger if you’ve forgotten yours.

Our space can also provide opportunities for your business – through collaborations and referrals within their community and wider networks. Woolf Works strives to add value to their members wherever they can and they are always looking for ways to support and connect their members.

Their memberships are varied and flexible to meet the needs of their busy members. You can choose to split your days in half to work around kids’ school hours, for example, or you could come in just one or two days a week for full-time, super-productive days, leaving the rest of the week for your other needs.

They love their growing and thriving community, and we are proud to provide ‘a room of their own’ – in line with their namesake, Virginia Woolf’s statement.

They look forward to a future surrounded by productive, focused and successful women.

Welcome to their ‘Room of One’s Own’.

They love their growing and thriving community, and we are proud to provide ‘a room of their own’.

They look forward to a future surrounded by productive, focused and successful women.

Their main work space is available weekday evenings and all day during the weekends.

They can seat up to fifty people theatre-style, and around twenty four at tables.

The Den Meeting Room

Their cozy upstairs work room makes for a relaxed coworking space and can also be booked as a workshop or meeting space for up to twenty people, or even as a photography studio by the hour.

One-off hire is $50 for the first hour and $40 per hour thereafter.

Woolf Works members are entitled to 10% discount off venue hire rates.

Configurations include:�

Two large conference tables can seat around ten comfortably.
Twenty five can be seated theatre-style in folding chairs.
Floor cushions can seat around twelve to fifteen in a relaxed setting.
Makes a great brainstorming room for a team of four to six also.

woolfworks Den


The small meeting room that looks over our roof terrace. Seating for up to three and perfect for one-on-one coaching or client meetings.


Our small meeting room close to the kitchen and library corner. Private and cosy, it’s perfect for a one on one client meeting or coaching session. The large window has a roll down blind and all our meeting rooms have aircon that you can control. The Dalloway Room can be booked for $30/hr and Woolf Works members get a 10% discount.


The Orlando Room is our large, boardroom style meeting room which can seat ten comfortably. Perfect for workshops, brainstorm sessions and team meetings. It comes with a projector and flipchart and can be a totally private space with roll down blinds on all the windows and well insulated walls. The Orlando Room can be booked for $70/hr and members recieve a 10% discount. Coffee / tea / water and wifi usage is included in the rate.


Our open work space can be booked after hours for a private function. The work tables can be rolled away and we can fit seating for around thirty. The back wall acts as a good projecting screen!


Our gorgeous Roof Terrace, perfect for photography shoots or evening functions, is available for private bookings.

Singaproe Seminar RoomFAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between your space and a café?

Yes, they have awesome coffee, but otherwise they are quite different to your average café. For a start, it’s pretty quiet – there’s no terrible background music or noisy conversations; everything is kept very hushed and calm. Also, the wifi is speedy and easy to connect to, and they have a fast printer and a scanner available for everyone to use. Lastly, you don’t need to keep buying cakes and coffee to stay in their space – and you are welcome to bring your own lunch!

Why should I pay for a space when I could just work from home?

How much work do you really get done at home? Can you work for a sustained period of time without getting distracted by household chores, kids or the fridge? And isn’t working from home all the time just a bit lonely? At Woolf Works, they appreciate having some other people around to chat with by the coffee machine or to get an opinion on a design decision. When it’s work time, they can knuckle down and really focus on the job at hand, without distraction.

Can I take calls there?

Yes, of course – they have a policy of keeping things reasonably quiet and ask you to be respectful of that by keeping your phone voice low, or stepping outside or upstairs for a longer, louder conversation.

Can I have meetings there?

Absolutely – you are welcome to meet in their coffee corner with visitors, or book the upstairs ‘Den’ for a longer, private session.

What are the policies regarding men?

Men are welcome as guests, and to most of their events. However, memberships are exclusively for women.

What’s the upstairs space used for?

singapore yoga

The Den is a flexible space that is used as a classroom, a brainstorming room, a yoga studio, a photography studio, a boardroom or a theatre. It’s available to rent by the hour and, if it is not booked, members are able to use it free-of-charge on an ad-hoc basis for calls, video conferencing or short meetings.

Facilities in The Den include: Projector and adaptors, whiteboard wall, 25 folding chairs, two large tables, ten floor-cushions, and a flipchart. Coffee and tea is available for workshops.

What events are on this week?

You can see all their events listed here [hyperlink] and their Facebook page is also a great place to see what’s going on. Follow us here [hyperlink].

How do I get started as a member?

Book in for a visit; come and see the space, meet us and have a chat about how things can work for you. Once you give us the green light, they’ll set you up in the system and give you things such as the wifi password and biometric door access.

How do I pay for my membership?

You will receive an invoice every month via email; this can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal, cheque or cash.

How can I find out about the other members?

They have a membership directory here [hyperlink] as well as a private Facebook group, which you will have access to as a member.

What social events do you organize?

Once a month they host ‘Woolf Works Wednesdays’, which are really fun social nights with guest speakers and wine. These nights are open to their wider community.

For Family.my’s member community, we have monthly lunches and monthly evening drinks, which are a very relaxed and casual way to get to know the other members.

What’s your refund policy?

Membership payments: Woolf Works is a membership-based business and you are billed on a month to month basis. They need a minimum of 14 days notice to cancel your next due invoice and membership. We do not, however, issue refunds for a payments already processed.

Venue Hire: Both members and non-members may book and use The Den and The Main Space at Woolf Works.

The following terms apply to booking payments, cancellations and refunds:

A 50% deposit is required to reserve a space, with the remaining balance due 30 days prior or your event or date of use.

Cancellations made 30 or more days prior to your reserved date will be eligible for a refund (minus a $50 processing fee).

Cancellations made 29 days or less prior to your reserved date will not be eligible for a refund.

If space is being reserved for a date less than 30 days away, payment in full is required and no portion of space use fees will be eligible for refund upon cancellation.


Join the Woolf Works Lean in Community: A tribe of authentic women and the pursuit of personal success, facilitated by Nadine Spalburg.

You might recognise this moment, standing in front of the mirror… or that second right before you enter the room of another networking event… A feeling of restlessness to be present. Feeling connected to who you are, but unsure how to express your unapologetic self.

It’s about being present, rather than just showing up to the occasion. Being seen for what you’re about, beneath the surface. Choosing to shine for who you are, instead of leaning on the labels and hooks you’ve created for others. To be out there and express your strength, character and vocation that defines you as a person (the professional, the mother, the friend, the creative, the activist, the inspirator – all in one).

In reality, expression of their authentic self is often uncomfortable. There is rawness in being unapologetic, which creates a sense of vulnerability to cope with on a deep personal level. Accelerating your goals from a place of being present and unapologetic is something they may all aspire to, yet often struggle with to convey in their everyday interactions. Having strong peer support relationships can be a powerful way to help you align your presence with your authentic self. That’s why they’re starting this community.

They’re not looking to create another networking opportunity.

They’re creating circles of peer-support to ignite bold, brave, unapologetic self-reflection and action – based on the Lean-in Circle method and Centred Leadership framework. This is a tribe of authentic women fierce in pursuing their personal and professional goals, and with compassion to see other women rise and shine.

Be part of the tribe, join their monthly evening sessions. The evening provides a structured facilitated session, and you can expect a thought-provoking opening followed by goal-orientated conversations in a sphere of trust.