Dore Aesthetics Singapore Beauty

Dore Aesthetics is a leading transformation center that utilises the best industry treatments and technology to enhance your physical beauty from head to toe. All their procedures and methods are proven, painless and highly effective.

Their expert team of accredited trained aestheticians possess the artistry and skills to assist you in the path to ultimate beauty, in their safe and comfortable environment.

Their Mission

They aim at offering every individual the freedom to alter his or her appearance in the way he or she desires. They want to show people that nothing is impossible.

At Dore Aesthetics, they strive to create a perfect, beautiful world filled with beaming, positive individuals. Let their professional team of experts help you with your aesthetic beauty needs today.

Hair Removals

1. How fast will I see the results?

You will see the results immediately. After your treatment, your skin will become silky smooth. You will continue to notice further improvements after every session.

2. Are the results lasting?

Yes, they are. You can expect up to 90% hair removal. Once the hair follicles have been destroyed, they rarely regenerate. Even if the hair does grow back, it would be extremely light and thin.

3. Why is this better than traditional waxing?

This treatment is much more comfortable than waxing. It can also help you to save a huge sum of money over traditional waxing in the long run.

4. How long does each session take?

Each session only takes about 20 minutes. It can also be done during your lunch break.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Guide to Best Hair Removal Practice